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deterrence 2020

About Conference

Welcome to Deterrence 2020, Germany…….

Conference Series LLC LTD heartily invites across the globe to Conference on Deterrence, Assurance, Command and Control Communications (Deterrence2020) schedule during May 11-12, 2020 at Oberammergau, Germany a leading forum for Business professionals, Academic Professors, Scientists, Directors of companies,,Researchers, Industrialists, Delegates and Students in the field Aerospace and Défence  to exchange information on their latest research progress and with a Theme  To Explore the Practices of Deterrence to cover almost all aspects and fields of  AerospaceDéfence and  Security Studies Sector.

Conference on Deterrence, Assurance, Command and Control Communications (Deterrence2020) is organizing an outstanding Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world's leading specialists involved in Aerospace, Security Studies, Défence Sectors. Your organization will benefit with excellent exposure to the leaders in Aerospace, Défence, and Securitu Studies communication. You can update your knowledge about the current situation of the Aerospace Industry and receive name recognition at this 2-day event. Deterrence -2020  is an exciting opportunity to showcase new technology in the Military sector. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, strategies, and the newest updates in Aerospace, Défence, Military, Satellite communication fields are hallmarks of this conference. 


Highlights of Conference on Deterrence, Assurance, Command and Control Communications (Deterrence 2020).

  • Meet the Experts of  Military, Défence, Satellite, and communication from 25+ countries around the globe
  • Meet your peers and evaluate your research in front of experts
  • More than 25 presentations from Industry and Academia leader
  • World-class platform to Exhibit your products and services
  • One-to-one interaction, B2B, and B2A etc.
  • Well organizing a program with 5+ hours of networking sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions
  • Best Poster Awards, Young Research Forums.

Come and Share your Idea to the World.

Sessions / Tracks

Sessions / Tracks :

Track-1. Nuclear Deterrence:

Deterrence theory gained increased fame as a military strategy during the Cold War with regard to the use of nuclear weapons. It took on a unique Idea during this time as an lesser nuclear force, by virtue of its extreme destructive power, could discourage a more powerful adversary, provided that this force could be preserved against destruction by a surprise attack. Deterrence is a strategy intended to Prevent an adversary from taking an action not yet started, or to dissuade them from doing something that another state desires.

Track-2 Military Strategy:

Military strategy is a set of ideas performed by military organizations to follow desired strategic goals. Military strategy deals with the planning and organizing of campaigns, the movement and arrangement of forces, and the duplicity of the enemy. Sun Tzu is often considered as the father of Eastern military strategy and greatly affects Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese historical and modern war tactics. The Art of War by Sun Tzu grew in favour and saw practical use in Western society as well. It continues to impact many competitive endeavours in Asia, Europe, and America including culture, politics, and business, as well as modern warfare. The Eastern military strategy varies from the Western by focusing more on asymmetric warfare and deception.

Track-3 Cold War:

A cold war is a state of dispute between nations that does not involve direct military action but is followed primarily through economic and political actions, propaganda, proxy wars waged by surrogates. The surrogates are commonly states that are "satellites" of the conflicting nations, i.e., nations allied to them or below their political influence. Opponents in a cold war will frequently provide economic or military aid, such as weapons, tactical support or military advisors, to lesser nations involved in disputes with the opposing country.

 Track-4:  Military Technology:

Military technology is the application of technology for use in warfare. It consists of the kinds of technology that are definitely military in nature and not civilian in application, usually because they lack useful or legal civilian applications, or are dangerous to use without appropriate military training. Military technology is often examined and developed by scientists and engineers specifically for use in battle by the armed forces. Many new technologies came as a outcome of the military funding of science. Weapons engineering is the design, evolution, testing and lifecycle management of military weapons and systems. It draws on the command of several traditional engineering disciplines, including mechatronics, electrical engineering, electro-optics, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering..

Track-5:  Situational Awareness:

Situational awareness is the perception of environmental elements and experiences with respect to time or space, the conception of their meaning, and the projection of their status after some unstable has changed, such as time, or a predetermined event. It is also a branch of study concerned with understanding of the environment unfavourable to decision-makers in complex, dynamic areas from ship navigation, air traffic control, aviation, power plant operations, military command and control, and emergency services such as fire fighting and policing; to more ordinary but however complex tasks such as driving an automobile or riding a bicycle. Situation awareness involves being aware of what is happening in the locality to understand how information, events, and one's own actions will effect goals and objectives, both immediately and in the near future.

Track-6:  The relevance of deterrence as a security concept:

Deterrence has a extensive history in the context of maintaining law and order and as a military strategy. It became a principle in the international security environment of the Cold War as a reaction to the existence of nuclear weapons. The cause of deterrence is to discourage potential perpetrators by influencing their assessment of costs relative to potential gains.

Track-7:  National Security

National security is an idea that a government, along with its parliaments, should protect the state and its citizens against all kind of "national" crises through a diversity of power projections, such as political power, diplomacy, economic power, military might etc. The concept developed primarily in the United States after World War II. Originally focusing on military might, it now encompasses a wide range of facets, all of which impinge on the non-military or economic security of the nation and the values espoused by the national society. Accordingly, in order to possess national security, a nation needs to possess economic security, energy security, environmental security, etc. Security threats involve not only conventional foes such as other nation-states but also non-state actors such as violent non-state actors, narcotic cartels, multinational corporations and non-governmental organisations; some authorities include natural disasters and events causing severe environmental damage in this category.

Market Analysis

The size of aerospace and defense application software market worldwide since 2015 has been growing rapidly. Which took a big leap from 2020 Million USD to 3200 Million USD until now and expected to reach 3700 Million USD by the end of the year 2022 in which Dassault Systemes has the largest share in the field of A&D application software market. In figures and Numbers, the global A&D industry spends a lot less on R&D than other sectors. In terms of innovation, intensity spending is also low which is just above 4 percent. And with the entry of Space X, in its short life has already proven its ability to burst out through the defense business with some new innovations that allow it to recover and reuse booster sections, while other A&D departments battle their rivals at home. Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and other major leagues are planning to invest in advanced weapons development.
The revenue grew in 2017 for the A&D industry Globally. The A&D sector had increase in its revenue up by 3.9 percent which is the main cause for the overall growth. Security threats, increase in defense budgets, and increases spending on defense by countries such as India, China, and Japan also has contributed for this growth.Apart from the global commercial aerospace sector growth has its slopes with 1.5 percent.

Associations & Society Associated with Aerospace and Defence (A&D)

  • Netherlands Aerospace Centre
  • The Netherlands Association of Aeronautical Engineers
  • The Royal Aeronautical Society and Society of Flight Test Engineers
  • IEEE Aerospace and Electronic System Society
  • German Aviation Research Society
  • European Satellite Navigation Industries
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics Association of France
  • Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain
  • American Helicopter Society
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
  • Experimental Aircraft Association and Society of Flight Test Engineers
  • Aerospace Industries Association
  • German Aerospace Society
  • Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities
  • European Satellite Navigation Industries
  • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
  • Italian Aeronautics and Astronautics Association
  • Hellenic Aeronautical Engineers Society
  • Dutch Association for Aeronautical Engineering
  • Swiss Association of Flight Sciences


The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Space :

  • SpaceX
  • Boeing
  • Orbital Sciences
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Xcor Aerospace
  • Made In Space
  • Ad Astra Rocket Company
  • Planetary Resources
  • Airbus Defence & Space


Top 25 Aerospace Companies

  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • Lockheed Martin
  • United Technologies
  • General Electric
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Raytheon       
  • Safran
  • BAE Systems
  • Leonardo
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Honeywell
  • L-3 Technologies
  • Textron
  • Bombardier   
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • General Dynamics
  • Precision Castparts
  • Spirit Aerosystems
  • Embraer
  • Thales
  • United Aircraft
  • Zodiac
  • AVIC
  • Arconic


Defense Industry Associations

  • Aerospace Industries Association
  • Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group
  • AHS International - The Vertical Flight Technical Society
  • Air Force Association
  • Aircraft Electronics Association
  • Airlift/Tanker Association
  • American Astronautical Society
  • American Gear Manufacturers Association
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • American Logistics Association
  • American Society of Naval Engineers
  • AMSUS - The Society of the Federal Health Agencies
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
  • Army Aviation Association of America
  • Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
  • Association of Naval Aviation
  • Association of Old Crows
  • Association of the United States Army
  • Association of the United States Navy
  • Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
  • Aviation Industry CBT Committee
  • Aviation Suppliers Association
  • Business Executives for National Security
  • Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations
  • Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct
  • Defense Industry Offset Association
  • Defense Orientation Conference Association
  • Helicopter Association International
  • Homeland Security & Defense Business Council
  • International Stability Operations Association
  • Marine Corps Association & Foundation
  • Munitions Industrial Base Task Force
  • National Aeronautic Association
  • National Association of Ordnance and Explosive Waste Contractors
  • National Defense Industrial Association
  • National Defense Transportation Association
  • National Guard Association of the U.S.
  • National Military Intelligence Association
  • Navy League of the United States
  • Quarter Furniture Manufacturers Association
  • Satellite Industry Association
  • Society of American Military Engineers
  • Submarine Industrial Base Council


Region Wise Aerospace and Defense Associations


  • Aerospace & Defense Arizona


  • Southwest Defense Alliance


  • Florida League of Defense Contractors


  • Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association


  • Defense Technology Initiative


  • Defense Alliance of Minnesota

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Aerospace Alliance
  • North Carolina Defense Business Association


  • Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association


  • Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

Rhode Island

  • Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance

South Carolina

  • Charleston Defense Contractors Association


  • Tidewater Association of Service Contractors


  • Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

Associations related to Countries


  • Australia Defence Association
  • Australian Industry & Defence Network
  • Australian Industry Group Defence Council


  • Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group


  • Belgium Aerospace Industries Association
  • Belgian Security and Defence Industry


  • Bulgarian Defence Industry Association


  • Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia
  • Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
  • Conference of Defense Associations
  • Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
  • Aero Montreal
  • Quebec Aerospace Association
  • Québec Ground Transportation Cluster

Czech Republic

  • Association of Aviation Manufacturers of the Czech Republic
  • Association of the Defense Industry of the Czech Republic


  • Danish Defence & Security Industries Association


  • ASD – Aerospace & Defence Association of Europe


  • The Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries


  • French Land Defence Manufacturers Association (GICAT)
  • French Aerospace Industries Association
  • French Defense Industries Council (CIDEF)


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Wehrtechnik
  • Federal Association of the German Security and Defence Industry
  • German Aerospace Industries Association


  • Hellenic Aerospace & Defense Industries Group


  • Aeronautical Society of India
  • Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries


  • Federation of Aerospace Enterprises in Ireland


  • The Italian Industries Association for Aerospace Systems and Defence


  • Japan Association of Defense Industry
  • The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies


  • Korea Defense Industry Association

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Defence Industry Association


  • The Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association


  • Association of Polish Aviation Industry


  • Portuguese Association of Defense Related Industries & New Technologies Companies

South Africa

  • South African Aerospace Maritime and Defence Industries Association


  • Spanish Aerospace and Defence Association Industries


  • Swedish Aerospace Industries
  • Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association


  • Swiss Aeronautical Industries Group

The Netherlands

  • The Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association
  • Netherlands Aerospace Group


  • Defence Industry Manufacturers Association

United Kingdom

  • UK AeroSpace, Defence & Security Industries
  • United Kingdom National Defence Association
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date May 11-12, 2020

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